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About B2 Tourist And Visitor Visas

There are many legitimate reasons for entering the United States temporarily as a tourist or visitor. The B2 visa is often appropriate for such visits. Working with an experienced immigration law attorney can help you prevent problems during the application process or solve problems upon arrival at an airport or border crossing.

Contact Crooms Immigration Law in Orange County for information and assistance in applying for and using a B2 tourist or visitor visa. I am attorney Monica Crooms, the founder and owner of this law firm. My dedicated staff and I have a great interest in helping people take advantage of immigration laws, including lawful uses of the B2 visitor or visitor visa.

I Can Help You Document Your Eligibility And Comply With All Requirements

You may want or need to visit the U.S. on a temporary basis for one or more of these reasons:

  • For vacation: Are you interested in visiting Disneyland or Hollywood or attending a concert by a favorite band or performer?
  • For general tourism: Do you hope to drive around the country or take a bus or train to national parks, beaches or other destinations in California? Do you want to check out possible places for your children to study in the U.S. in the future?
  • To visit friends or family: Does your child, parent or best friend live and work in the U.S.?
  • To pursue medical treatment: Giving birth is not an acceptable reason in most cases.
  • To attend social events: These may include conferences, contests or performances that are not for pay.

I can help you prepare documentation to verify that you will retain ties to your home country. I will help ensure that you pay the correct application fees and comply with all other requirements.

Avoid Trouble And Increase Your Chances Of Success

Some people obtain visitor visas for tourism and other reasons without the help of an immigration lawyer. But, if something goes wrong, then they have to find an attorney in a hurry.

At Crooms Immigration Law, my staff and I help many visitors from other countries accomplish their goals with few problems or no problems at all. Then, if they need additional support, we are ready to step in quickly.

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