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Asking For Asylum With An Experienced Attorney’s Help

The outcome of your bid for asylum in the United States is, of course, of great consequence. Namely:

  • If your petition for asylum is granted, then you will have a path to a green card and, ultimately, citizenship if all goes well in the next five years or more.
  • If your petition is denied, then you may be required to leave the U.S. It may be hard for you to return legally.

You need all possible help in documenting evidence and making a persuasive appeal for asylum.

People from other countries can ask for asylum with the help of a lawyer or another type of qualified representative, possibly from a nonprofit organization. At Crooms Immigration Law in Los Alamitos, you have the opportunity to work directly with me, immigration attorney Monica Crooms, assisted by my compassionate, helpful staff members.

I am committed to doing all that I can to obtain a successful result for you in your request for asylum. I provide clients with clear information and education appropriate to individual circumstances. My team and I are devoted to facilitating an open-door opportunity for you if at all possible.

Elements Of A Successful Asylum Petition

You may qualify for asylum in the U.S. if the following conditions apply in your case:

  • You were harmed or threatened with harm in your native country because of your identity – perhaps because of your race, your family background, your membership in a particular ethnic group or your political positions.
  • You need protection from harm or threats of harm. Perhaps you ran for your life as a gang or opposing political party was chasing you.
  • Perhaps you were shot at, kidnapped or beaten. You may have experienced sexual assault or other threats to your well-being and that of your immediate family members. Your home or business may have been burned down.
  • Your opponents or oppressors may have harmed you for ideological or economic reasons.
  • You can document your inability to find another safe place to live in your native country.

If you need an interpreter during your asylum interview with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), you may be required to use a USCIS-provided interpreter if your appointment is before September 12, 2023. After that date, you may supply your own interpreter if they are not:

  • A witness in your case
  • Someone else applying for asylum
  • Your lawyer or another representative in your case
  • Someone representing the government of your country of nationality

Once you receive an appointment for an asylum interview, you should prepare carefully. Be ready to supply documentation confirming your identity and other personal details. Your asylum officer will ask you to explain why you are applying for asylum. It may be painful to tell your story of trauma, but it is important to be honest and give complete explanations. Your information will be confidential (with some exceptions).

If you do not bring an interpreter (after September 2023) or if you miss your asylum interview, then you will have 45 days to request a new asylum interview date with documentation explaining why you were absent. Missing your asylum interview or failing to bring an interpreter (if applicable) will count as a “failure to appear,” which may make it difficult or impossible to:

  • Get permission to work in the U.S.
  • Try again for asylum

Get the advice and advocacy that you need at Crooms Immigration Law in Orange County, California.

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